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Health Literacy Grants Awarded to 36 Oklahoma Libraries and Literacy Programs

Innovative project enters its 10th year

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The Oklahoma Department of Libraries (ODL) is awarding Health Literacy Grants to 36 public libraries and literacy programs to bring activities and health information to Oklahomans around the state. The grants—totaling more than $220,000—are courtesy of the Institute of Museum and Library Services, which has touted the 10-year-old project as an innovative use of federal library funds.

Programs and activities that will be funded during this round of grants are diverse, according to Leslie Gelders, literacy coordinator at the department. “Grantees will be conducting healthy cooking demonstrations, a variety of different exercise classes for different ages, information sessions on mental and physical health issues, programs on gardening, walking challenges, and even a new pickleball court in one community.”

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Celebrating the Success of Community-Based Citizenship Programs

As the nation readies to celebrate Constitution Week, September 17-23, ODL announces Citizenship Grant recipients for 2021

Friday, September 17 is Constitution Day and Citizenship Day. The date also begins Constitution Week, a time for Americans to reflect on the two cornerstones of American democracy: the document that has established the basis of our way of life, and the responsibility of citizens to protect and defend that document and the values it represents.

The Naturalization process that provides a path to U.S. citizenship for immigrants serves as a constant renewal of America’s civic life. Native-born citizens who attend Naturalization ceremonies often remark on the pride they feel as they watch the newest Americans take their oath.

Constitution Week has particular significance this year as the nation prepares to welcome thousands of Afghan refugees following the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban. Approximately 1,800 of those refugees are expected to be resettled in Oklahoma.

Some of those refugees seeking U.S. citizenship will find help at Oklahoma libraries or through the state’s adult literacy organizations. 2021 is the eighth year of ODL’s Citizenship and Immigration Project, which supports local programs that have helped 289 immigrants become citizens since the project began. Fourteen library/literacy programs have received grants since the project began, and these programs have served individuals from 44 different countries.

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Update: Three Additional Health Literacy Grants Awarded

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries has awarded three additional Health Literacy grants for the 2020–2021 round. This brings the total number of grants to 26 with total grant expenditures now totaling more than $178,000. Funds are courtesy of the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services.

Stillwater Public Library will receive $9,000 to provide the Be Mindful course to 200 community members throughout the spring. Developed in Great Britain, Be Mindful is a four-week online cognitive therapy course designed to alleviate anxiety and depression. A University of Surrey study found that the course helped to decrease levels of stress and that the decrease was sustained over time . The library will also use grant funds to purchase hotspots and data plans to allow individuals without internet access to participate remotely during the course. In addition, the library will partner with local mental health professionals to host four online programs for community discussions on coping strategies related to parenting, workplace mental health issues, couples issues, and senior isolation.

Checotah Public Library will use a $4,000 grant to create a Community Garden to promote, encourage, and inspire a healthier lifestyle for area citizens. The library will work with community partners to host a variety of related programming, including gardening programs, a walking class, a tai chi class, healthy cooking and eating programs, diabetes management information, and activities for children.

Mustang Public Library will receive $4,000 to provide seven healthy cooking classes for adults and 14 healthy eating programs for children. Funds will also sponsor a monthly Music and Movement program for preschoolers and their caregivers.

View the previous 23 grant recipients reported in our October post and find out more about ODL’s nationally-recognized Health Literacy efforts.

Census 2020: Amid the Pandemic, Oklahoma Libraries Worked to Get the State Counted

Every ten years, America counts its population to determine where federal dollars should be spent during the next decade. The accuracy of a state’s count impacts how much of that federal pie will flow in. A bad count can cost a state millions of dollars, impacting the funding of necessary services. When America wrapped up its Census 2020 enumeration on October 15, the Census Bureau reported that 99.9% of Oklahomans had been counted, thanks to self-response and Bureau field operations… and LIBRARIES. Read on to see how Oklahoma’s public libraries helped with this year’s count.

America’s libraries were uniquely positioned in 2020 to play their most important role ever in a decennial count of the country’s residents. The U.S. Census Bureau set a high goal for the 2020 effort: 70% of Census self-responses would be online. As dependable providers of internet access, Oklahoma’s public libraries were ready and excited to help their communities get online to complete the Census and assure an accurate count.

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries launched a Census website in the fall of 2019 to help libraries and the public stay up-to-date and informed on preparation for the count. ODL appropriated federal dollars from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to support Oklahoma libraries’ efforts. The funds were used for a “Get Counted at Your Library” initiative that provided promotional materials for all public libraries. The funding also provided 16 grants to help communities target hard-to-count populations and improve Census responses. The agency held a Census Solutions workshop for libraries and literacy councils to brainstorm ideas on reaching hard-to-count groups, developing grant proposals, and identifying local partners to aid the count.

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Nationally Recognized ODL Project Moves into Ninth Year with 2020 Grant Announcements

The Oklahoma Department of Libraries (ODL) has awarded 23 Health Literacy Grants totaling more than $161,000 to libraries and adult literacy programs for the 2020-2021 grant cycle. Grantees will use the funds to provide a variety of health and wellness programs for the state’s residents. Programs during the 2019-2020 cycle attracted a record 32,000 Oklahomans, many of them participating in virtual programming because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Each year, grant applicants propose programs to meet their community’s identified health needs. This year’s programs will include information sessions on physical and mental health, virtual and outside exercise classes, cooking and nutrition classes, community vegetable gardens, Story Walks in public parks, and even a bicycle safety and bicycle lending program.

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